What is Oblivious.io?

Depends on who you are:

Software Engineer: A simple replacement S3 library that adds end-to-end encryption and maintains data integrity. You can also do cool stuff like searchable encryption.

CISO / CIO: A way to amortize the cost of meeting application security compliance and securing storage in public clouds.

VC: You know how companies are always getting hacked and their data published online? This prevents that and it’s easy to use. It’s sold to the app developers so it’s like selling pickaxes to the gold miners.

My Mom: A security system for data stored in The Cloud. Yes, like “The Drop Box” but for other software engineers. (“That’s nice honey.”)

Oblivious does (nearly) everything possible to hide the contents, metadata, access patterns, and fingerprints of your data. It’s as close to a military-level encryption that is practical in a public cloud.

We believe in personal privacy. Oblivious starts with the assumption that it has already been hacked. So, how do you operate in an environment where you offer a service to customers without revealing any customer data to yourself? This is known as a Zero-Knowledge Proof and is the basis for Oblivious.io's security system.

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