Zero-Knowledge Security for the Cloud is a toolkit for building secure cloud environments.
Focus on your product and let keep your data secure.

What Makes Oblivious Secure?

  • End-to-End encryption
  • You always control the keys
  • Peer-reviewed crypto
  • Zero-Knowledge protocols


  • Library compatible with S3
  • 5-lines of code to implement
  • Self-service signup
  • Works with existing applications

Searchable Encryption

Use data without revealing the plaintext.

  • Encrypted indexes
  • Search for data while still encrypted
  • Natural segmentation of user data

Meet your Compliance Goals

GDPR, HIPAA, or secure PII?

  • Data Residency - choose your locale
  • Per-user security controls
  • Eliminate Vendor Data Access
  • Tamper-proof log storage

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